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How Yoga Builds Emotional Intelligence in Children

How Yoga Builds Emotional Intelligence in Children

Psychology Today defines emotional intelligence as “the ability to identify and manage your own emotions and the emotions of others.” Research suggests that practitioners of yoga have a higher emotional intelligence than that of those who don’t practice yoga. And, as a result, yoga is being taught to children in an effort to increase their social-emotional learning, mindfulness, and emotional intelligence.


Benefits of Yoga for Children


Just like an adult that practices yoga gets stronger, so does a child. They enjoy many of the same physical benefits, but there are also many mental and emotional benefits of yoga including:

– stress and anxiety reduction

– more confidence attributed to improved balance and coordination

– higher energy, and more restful sleep

– ability to calm oneself in the face of an over-stimulation

– mindfulness of the present moment as opposed to anxiousness over the future

– innate peace and happiness

– strong sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance


The Correlation of Yoga and Emotional Intelligence


One’s emotional intelligence can determine their ability to understand their moods and those of others. A high emotional IQ can also help someone think before acting, become more intrinsically motivated to succeed, be more empathetic, and be better at managing relationships with others. Considering the fact that practitioners of yoga have many of these same attributes, it stands to reason that practicing yoga can increase a child’s, or even an adult’s emotional intelligence.


Yoga is a Great Way to Exercise as a Family


Perhaps adding yoga to your family’s exercise regimen could benefit the emotional health of your entire family unit. As Bobbi Hamilton said in her Huffington Post article, “Integrating yoga as a quality inter-relational activity builds communication, supportive relationships, fosters the expression of love, and structures healthy bonds and boundaries.” She went onto say that, “Being that yoga calms the mind and opens the nervous system, it helps us to access our truth within, and allows us to articulate the things that cause emotional stress.”


Is it time to give the yogi lifestyle a chance? It’s certainly worth trying. Who knows? You may find that yoga is the key to opening up conversations between you and your children, and creating a solid relationship filled with love and strong emotional bonds.


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