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Often times families first try to resolve issues in the home setting. But sometimes there is a problem that is too demanding to deal with in the family setting. Sometimes a child may have so many symptoms that is it starting to impact their daily functioning in the areas of school, home, and/or social life. In other situations, there are painful emotions that cannot be expressed appropriately in the family unit (yelling, fighting, or shutting down) – there may just be too much conflict to reduce and solve on your own. If you feel like you have given it your “all” at home or have run out of solutions that are working, therapy may be an option for you.

Psychological evaluations generally seek to answer a referral question. Often times the question to be answered is: what is wrong with my child? Psychological evaluations assess various levels of functioning, such as intellectual, learning issues, concentration and attention, mood and anxiety, social and emotional issues, etc. Sometimes clients are referred for a psychological evaluation when their behavior, attention, and/or hyperactivity problems have gotten “unmanageable.” Other times, clients come in for a Gifted testing assessment to see if they qualify for a Gifted program in the district. Often times teachers notice child’s behavioral issues — “he/she is constantly getting up from his seat,” “he/she is disrupting other students,” “he/she is not finishing their work on time” etc. Unfortunately, it is not always obvious the reason that the child/teen is having issues at school and/or home. The issues may stem from depression, anxiety, learning issues, behavioral problems, or another factor. Psychological evaluations seek to “tease out” the root of the issue to help the further development a treatment plan of “what to do next” to help your child/teen. Psychological reports can also be helpful to access certain accommodations in the school/work setting if so needed.

In your first session, there will be a discussion regarding your treatment concerns, expectations, and the course of therapy. The therapy process is a collaborative process where the therapist and the client (or family) will work together with treatment goals and interventions. The duration of therapy varies per client, with some clients utilizing brief therapy (8-12 sessions), while others may benefit from several months of sessions. Typically, clients are seen once a week at the beginning of treatment. Some insurance companies will have a maximum number of authorized sessions a year (such as 12, 20, 25, etc.), while other insurance plans have an unlimited number of sessions, based on medical necessity. It would be helpful to check with your insurance company for mental health benefit details.

Hammond Psychology & Associates, P.A. strives to maintain your confidentiality throughout your therapy experience. All information shared in the sessions are confidential, with very few exceptions. We will review your rights to confidentiality in the very 1st session, as well your “Consent to Treatment” form.

The office accepts clients from all insurance companies, as well as self-pay clients. We are in-network for: TRICARE, Aetna, ChampVA, and Wood & Associates. If you have an insurance that we are not in-network for, you will be required to pay the appropriate self-pay fees, and we will be happy to provide an invoice with the appropriate information for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. There are also staff in the office that provide therapy at reduced rates.

If you are searching for psychological evaluation services, please know that certain types of evaluations are not covered by health insurance (for instance, Gifted testing and learning disability evaluations). Please call the office for any questions related to fees.

In the first session, you will need to bring a photo identification (can include a military ID), along with your insurance card (if you are using insurance), and the paperwork for the first session. Additionally, please feel free bring any questions you may have about the therapy process to the first session. The first session is designed for your therapist to gather some background information, review your expectations for treatment, discuss your mental health needs and concerns, as well as complete paperwork related to the therapy process.

The office accepts personal checks, cash, VISA, Mastercard, Discover, and AMEX for co-payments, co-insurance, and any other billing needs.

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