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Who is this book for?

The Practical Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Children is for every parent that is looking for ways to help their children grow into adults that are healthy not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. The sad reality is that the focus in school for too many children is on their academics and their behavior. What many educators neglect is the effect of the emotions of a child on their ability to be high functioning individuals in other aspects of their lives. In this book parents will learn:

  • How to communicate with your children
  • Why and how you should talk to them, even when the subjects are taboo things like drugs, alcohol, and sex
  • The best ways to listen to your children
  • How to be a good role model for them
  • How to resolve conflict in and outside of the home
  • The best ways to advocate for them in school and why you should
  • Methods for dealing with homework struggles and their education overall
  • Getting to the heart of their emotions and how these emotions affect them mentally and physically
  • Why you should praise them and let them have choices
  • The importance of instilling gratitude
  • How to help them have a strong self-image and
  • So much more…

This book is not the end all, be all guide to helping our children grow up to be emotionally healthy adults. However, it is an excellent tool that every parent should have in their toolbox nonetheless.

Dr. Nekeshia Hammond is a licensed psychologist that has been providing her expertise to parents in raising their children to be emotionally healthy for many years, and this book resulted from countless frequently asked questions she has received in her practice. Dr. Hammond is a strong advocate for raising emotionally healthy children and this book will be a wonderful resource addressing several topics related to emotional health.

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