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Do You Have a Mental Health Condition? Warning Signs and What to Do Next

Do You Have a Mental Health Condition? Warning Signs and What to Do Next

Did you know that there are warning signs that may indicate whether or not you are suffering from a mental condition? Let’s explore what these warning signs are, and what you should do if you recognize that you are dealing with them.


10 warning signs to look out for:


  1. You’ve started withdrawing from social interactions, and/or you’ve noticed a loss of interest in other people
  2. Your mood can change dramatically and without warning
  3. You’ve started acting out, acting differently or simply doing things uncharacteristic of the “normal” you
  4. Increased/decreased sensitivity to sights, sounds, smells or touch
  5. You no longer want to participate in things or feel disconnected to yourself/your surroundings
  6. Logical thinking escapes you, or you feel more/less powerful or magical than you actually are
  7. You’re highly paranoid, nervous or suspicious
  8. You’ve noticed a dramatic change in your appetite, personal care or sleep patterns
  9. You’re suddenly not doing as well at work or in school. Perhaps tasks that used to come easily such as social activities, sports or the performing arts aren’t as easy for you anymore
  10. There is trouble with cognitive functions such as difficulty concentrating or remembering things


What to do if this sounds like you:


If some, many or all of the above symptoms resonate with you, it may be time to seek help. You could start with a visit to your primary care physician first. You may want to have a physical performed to see if any or all of the issues you’ve noticed are attributed to a medical condition. However, in the event there is no medical explanation, we recommend you contact a mental health professional to have an assessment done to get to the root cause of your symptoms.


Once you know what is causing your symptoms, then, and only then, can a plan be developed for you to manage whatever it is that’s going on. This could mean you need a treatment of therapy, or it could mean medication is necessary. It’s better to have a professional determine this for you, rather than play a guessing game with your health.


If you would like to discuss having a mental health assessment with Hammond Psychology & Associates, give us a call at (813) 654-0503.


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