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Archive for February 2014

Keep Entering to Win!

Thanks for all of your entries so far into our iPad mini sweepstakes. We will be drawing a winner on May 1st, 2014. If you have not yet entered, head […]

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Divorce and Kids: How to Help the Kids

1. First things first: In every decision you make, recognize that your children will be affected in some way. Make a choice to put your children FIRST. 2. Keep communication […]

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10 Fun Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine’s Day

1. Eat some chocolate! Studies show that chocolate has antioxidants, so go for it. 2. Give yourself a big hug. You deserve a hug for all the great things that […]

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5 Ways to Help Your Child with ADHD

1. Shorten your instructions. Instead of saying, “Johnny, go brush your teeth, wash your face, and get ready for bed,” consider giving the instructions one step at a time. Often […]

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7 Tips to Talk to Your Kids about S-E-X

1. Start the conversation early! 2. Use real names of body parts, versus pretend names. 3. Teach them your family values about sex. 4. If you are too nervous, seek […]

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